Robots Integration

Make Your Robot More Useful

Large compatibility

All robots types can be easily integrated : humanoids, quadrupeds, rovers, mechanical arms, flying or submarine drones





Autonomous Motion Learning

Your robot is able to auto-modeling itself and learn to take advantage of its physical capabilities

Environment analysis & interaction

Robots continuously analysis surrounding environment and is able to interact with detected entities, as objects or humans

Knowledge & Experience Sharing

Robots continuously learn from their experiences, any new best solution found is shared with all connected robots

Human-Robot Interactions

On place or from distance, an easy to use interface in order to communicate with your robots

Conscience Store

Any integrated robot has access to the evolving "Conscience Store" in order to lean new competences



Distant Reality


Reload Myself

Weather Assistant

Remote Control

Agenda Manager

No limit trip

Children Attention

Guitar Tuner


Story Reader

Incendy Prevention

Guitar Teacher

Light Check

Try "Conscience" on your own robot

Conscience Robotics Team integrates and provides you for free a demonstration on your own robot