Our Proposal

       An artificial intelligence able to make "alive" any kind of robot : humanoid, quadruped, flying, wheel or submarine drones

       After a simplified installation, the robot learns by itself to take profit of its physical capabilities and interacting with surrounding environment

       Each robot continuously and autonomously evolves, any new best solution found is shared with all robots in real time

       On-place or from distance, final user access to a user-friendly interface in order to communicate and interact with the robot

     The evolving application warehouse "Conscience Store" allows users to learn new competences to their robots, regarding the need

Our Business

Business Activity Robotisation

Conscience provides a simple way to automatize a part of your business workflow. All repetitive tasks or activities can be robotized for an accessible effort, for instance :

  • Automatic environment mapping by flying drone
  • Optimized sequence by robotized arm
  • Autonomous object transport by rover
  • Place surveillance by humanoid robot

Robotic Operating System

Conscience integrates your robot, our unique Artificial Intelligence automatically makes the robot taking maximum profit of its physical capabilities and interacting with surrounding environment, for instance :

  • Bipede or multi-pod robots
  • Multi-wheel robots
  • Flying drones
  • Combined capabilities

Our Team

Iliès Zaoui

Founder, CEO

Louis Grignon


Anthony Deflandre


Guillaume Soyer 


Hazar Zaoui 


Victor Coru 


Vincent Rossignol 


Antoine Bréhin


Sandy Clech 


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